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So, it’s been a while since I wrote anything useful. I’ve had just about 500 years of history up my skinny white a$$, so excuse me for minding my books and not my blog.

If you don’t already know what a book is, then these (above) are books. They are like the internet, just made out of paper. Try and read one once in a while. Retard.

Medieval burial customs and younger germanic iron age in Denmark. Yeah, that’s juicy stuff, I tell ya!

Anywho, I met this guy in the train the other day, and he was clearly a geniune fucktard.

And how do I know that he really was a fucktard? Well, first of all, fucktards all have one thing in common.

They are sorry ass nazis who think that the best thing in the world is not having a job and/or an education, because then they can spend all their sorry ass sparetime chillin’ on their white trash couches in their dirty wifebeaters drinkin’ canned beer in their trailers.

Kinda what this dude:

… Probably does right now

Anyway, this sucker asked me why I was reading the book (that I was currently reading at that time) – if you sir indeed are a sorry ass fucktard then this:

Is a fine example of one.

So I told him, that I was reading this book because I am currenly studying archaeology – to which he replied something in the lines of “Duuuuuude… What the fuck? Why do you waste your time with boring books and shit??”

to which I replied: “Because I can see the clear benefit of actually having an education, with which I can get a decent job and thus earn an honest salary, with which I can feed my family and buy a car and other nice shit, and I’m sad to see that you don’t want to follow my example and be of use to the society of which you and I are part”

Then he dropped the

With his reply: “I don’t care. It is stupid”

My mind’s reply to that unbelieeably stupid comment was something in the lines of

So I got up from my seat, said thanks for the conversation and got off my train two stations early.


So, kids. My advise for you is this:

Stay in fucking school. Don’t do drugs. Get a proper education. Get into a good university and make something of yourself, so you and your family have something to be proud of. Contribute to society whether you want to be a teacher or a space astronaut. Make something useful of yourself, and don’t be a fucktard. Remember how a fucktard looks like?

Like this

Or this

Or these duds.

And if you don’t? Well, then you’ll got to fucking Hell:

If you don’t believe in stuff like that, I’ll just bring my big ass brass knuckles and beat you up a little

Till you look like this:

And I’ll be back once a month.


Sliced eyeball in 3... 2... 1...

Sliced eyeball in 3... 2... 1...

But I really need to sleep. I feel like watching some old surrealist/avantgarde movie or analyse a painting, but the truth is, that it is now 23:59 or 11:59 pm, and I started watching the first season of Lost yesterday (and me being a sucker for that kind of stuff… House, M.D., How I met your Mother, Scrubs, NCIS, Futurama, Family guy, Bones – tv shows in general, I really, really need to watch at least two episodes before I got to bed… I know, it’s bad…) so I really don’t have the time to spend two hours watching, thinking and writing about art right now, even though it would be awesome to put on some jazz and just be intellectual again for once. It was much easier back in high school when I had to do that kind of thing, but without a deadline from a teacher and knowing that not writing the 5 page essay about Un Chien Andalou would have consequences, I’m just not that motivated…

Back in high school (or gymnasium as they are called in Denmark) I noticed, that whenever one of the… Let’s call them intellectuals/future academics (I find myself in this particular group, actually) discuss anything (litteraly anything), it became extremely popular to throw around with these tacky, homemade words or neologisms, just to sound even smarter (actually in my previous post, I used the word ‘burtonian’ about the works of director Tim Burton). And I’m really having a hard time explaining how much I hate neologisms.

Neologisms are non-intelligent people’s ultimate defense (if played right of course), because everybody can make up new words, all you have to do is end one word with ‘ism’ and all of a sudden it sounds clever, and if the words you say sounds clever, chances are that the person listening to you will think that you are clever – when you, in reality, are not.

Then there’s the case of the clever person who makes up new, intelligent words just to sound even more clever and really, really but an extra 10 ft. on top of the already enormous statue they’ve built, and recently I’ve realised that I do it myself.

Neologisms suck.

Och den gamla nunnan tror sjuka nunnan är en stor fet nunna lögnare.