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Mother… Fucker… About an hour ago, I was lying in my bed, listening to a few Robert Johnson recordings, while I stared at the famous picture of him with his Gibson L1:

I just couldn’t stop staring. God damn, it’s probably one of the creepiest pictures ever taken! I mean, that devil/cat-thingy in the cloud/noise to his right, and his face. Fuck, I don’t know ’bout you, by I’m scared. Anywho, I fell asleep, and fuck me, I almost screamed when I woke up, with the picture (on the cover of the CD) right next to my face!


… Fuck the iPhone. Piece of shit mobile phone. Seriously, I hate the fucking thing, it’s expensive and it’s ugly, the only cool thing about it is the Apple App Store. I seriously love apps, and if I had a brain tumor and actually bought a piece of crap-phone I’d fill it with ’em. But I don’t own an iPhone. I fucking hate iPods too. I even own an iPod, but only because I just can’t seem to find any other mp3-player with a 120 GB harddisc. And I’m a lazy person, I hate to sort out what music I want on my mp3-player and what music I don’t, so I choose the easy way: just upload all my music to the goddamn thing.

Damn it, I’m getting a nokia.

I was asked what the term “generation gap” means.

A generation gap is when your 5-year old niece takes a look at this picture:

And says: “Aaaaaw, why couldn’t I have those clowns at my birthday party??”

Du visar oss allt du har
Du håller på Dancin ‘och rummet blir varm
Du kör oss vilda kommer vi göra dig galen
Du säger att du vill gå till en spin
Partiets bara börjat, vi dig i
Du kör oss vilda kommer vi göra dig galen
Du håller på ropa, du håller på skrika

Jag vill rock’n’roll hela natten och festar varje dag

Not much’s been up for the past few days. Actually for the past week, except for this weekend, when I attended this really cool self defence-seminar in Aarhus – except for that it’s been really, really dull, and I’m sorry for not writing anything, so here is a nice drawing of Lemmy from Motörhead:

“Jag förstår inte folk som tror att om du ignorerar någonting, kommer det att försvinna. Det är helt fel – om det är ignoreras, samlar den styrka. Europa ignorerade Hitler i tjugo år … Som ett resultat, slaktade han en fjärdedel av världen! “

Sliced eyeball in 3... 2... 1...

Sliced eyeball in 3... 2... 1...

But I really need to sleep. I feel like watching some old surrealist/avantgarde movie or analyse a painting, but the truth is, that it is now 23:59 or 11:59 pm, and I started watching the first season of Lost yesterday (and me being a sucker for that kind of stuff… House, M.D., How I met your Mother, Scrubs, NCIS, Futurama, Family guy, Bones – tv shows in general, I really, really need to watch at least two episodes before I got to bed… I know, it’s bad…) so I really don’t have the time to spend two hours watching, thinking and writing about art right now, even though it would be awesome to put on some jazz and just be intellectual again for once. It was much easier back in high school when I had to do that kind of thing, but without a deadline from a teacher and knowing that not writing the 5 page essay about Un Chien Andalou would have consequences, I’m just not that motivated…

… So, I don’t really know what’s kosher and what’s not, so if there’s any jews out there, I really don’t care if you get offended. Anywho it’s time to introduce myself: I come from the lands of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow *insert viking-ish battle cry in the 1970’s manner of Robert Plant*. When I’m not blogging, which is actually not a very time consuming part of my week, I listen to and write music (or at least I try), take photographs (with my camera) and play around with them in photoshop, also I’ve recently started writing fiction again after hitting a dry spell back in ’05, which means that I really haven’t completed anything since.
As I wrote, music plays a huge part in my life, and I picked up the guitar (a sucky spanish bastard that costed ’round 15€) when I was 15 and I’ve played it ever since (I replaced it with a Gibson SG a year and a half later). Mostly I listen to bluesy stuff from Robert Johnson to ZZ Top, but I get around with some classic rock ‘n roll, heavy metal, thrash and the occasional Cannibal Corpse.
About my writing… I like to write fiction of all sorts – except for tacky Danielle Steel-stuff (that shit makes me vomit – litteraly) from mysteries to horror/gore-novellas (in my last year of elementary school, my style was compared to Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho, which I took as a huge compliment, especially because I only was 15 years old, at that time). My dream is to finish a real novel sometime, but so far I’ve only managed to finish a few novellas or short stories.
Anyway, I suck at writing these profile/facebook-type intros, so I’m tell more aabout myself through my blog and its contents, and remember:
“No todas las vacas están hechos para el ordeño.”