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What the fuck? Since when did brazilian jiu-jitsu get gay? Sure, some guys like to roll around the floor half-naked, grabbing each other like the two homos in the picture above (actually I never saw the awesomeness in rolling around the mat half-commando, when you can do it in a gi or at least a rashguard).

But what about these dudes:

Chuck Liddell, does not seem that gay, sittin’ with two hot chicks, sure he looks like a retard but I’d bet my sweet ass that he can fuck up Your Dad real good.

Or what about his motherfucker, Randy Couture. At age 46 he’s doing professional MMA in the UFC. Doesn’t seem gay at all!

Sure, he’s half-naked, mounting Tito Ortiz (faggot), but he’s still punching the living daylights out of him. Yeah, it’s gay when two dudes are fighting each other, but when two chicks do, it’s hot. What the fuck, is up with that?

Yeah, that is so fucking gay…

… Because I went out last night and got shit faced. Seriously shit faced, not to the point when I needed to throw up, but it was close, and because I’m eating my girlfriend’s food, leftovers from yesterday, a curry/rice-thing she heated for me, but unfortuneately she mistook the cinnamon for the curry, so she compensated for the cinnamon orgy with extra salt and curry powder. What a feast.

I’m almost done with my thesis on ethics in self defence situations for my black belt exams next month. Oh yeah, finally getting my black belt, after doing jiu-jitsu for about seven years, gonna be epic.

Finally, I just want to say that I fucking hate busdrivers! They are an angry and hateful breed. When you buy your ticket, and pay with a 100 note, they constantly starts yelling and cursing. Seriously, Busdriver, do you really have to be such a jew about it?

So, this morning I found this video on youtube of Christiane ‘Cyborg’ Santos putting a reporter from to sleep:

And after I finished lol’ing (honestly, the guy’s reaction when he woke up was hilarious) a thought came to mind: this is the kind of stuff that makes the unilluminated individuals out there flame the sport. “Yeah, that Ultimate Fighting stuff is barbaric and everyone who, voluntarily, steps inside a cage to fight, without rules, must either be a complete retard or a bloodthirsty psychopath” – in my book, that summes up the general feeling toward mixed martial arts – people think that MMA is two people fighting to the death with no rules what so ever, and that is as far from the truth as anything can be.

But it is people like Christiane Santos who, during an interview grabs an unknowing reporter in a rear naked choke and puts him to sleep (okay, she was trying to prove a point, fair enough), that makes people think that these people are psychos with only one thing in their heads: blood. And that’s fucked up. What they should’ve done, was telling the audience or the viewers that Cyborg was going to demonstrate just how fast she can choke a guy out – that would’ve been acceptable, but it does not seem that the choke was planned at all – if it was I don’t abide with that either, it just puts the athletes in a bad light (and the sport aswell, d’uh).

So my plead to you, Christiane would be, that keep all your non-scheduled RNC’s in the ring, ‘kay?

So, my wrist hurts. My wrist hurts alot and it shivers when it’s not supported by anything, like a table, and I’m perfectly fine with it! Why my wrist hurts you ask? Well, I do martial arts, self-defense, and today for the first time in a really long time, I was what we call Uke. In traditional japanese jiujitsu, Uke is the person, the rag doll, on which the sensei demonstrates the techniques.

So I was appointed Uke by one of our senseis, an old 4th dan, and through 1½ hours he mutilated my right wrist, and when he didn’t play with it, my partner did. My reaction? Awesome! My reaction when it was my turn to inflict large amounts of pain on my partner? Also awesome! To be honest I simple love to hear him scream in agony (the good kind) and tap out, and I love to be the one yelling and tapping on the mat, when it feels like my wrist or elbow is snapping, or being choked to the very edge of consciousness. That been said, I’m not looking forward to the day when something actually break or when I actually get into a real fight in a bar, but until that:

Det är själva livet som gör anspråk på oss, eftersom mänskligt liv redan nu är sådan att vi inte kan leva utan att forviklede med andra människors liv. Vi kan helt enkelt inte kan existera utan att efterfrågas, uppmuntras och utmanas att ta hand om andra.