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The good ol’ Jehova’s Witnesses just paid me a visit! Actually it’s the first time I’d even seen an actual Jehova, and I almost felt bad for not letting them in for a talk.

A witness of Jehova

And I must say, they didn’t look like I imagined

But god damn, they knew how to talk! I even tried the good ol’ “I’m an atheist – I don’t believe in your crap”, I even told them that I weren’t a member of the church, but they still tried to talk me out of my heresy, and some how (believe I don’t know how) I ended up with one of their magazines.

But boy, they are clever! They started asking me about science and intelligent design, and asked me how I could not believe that some greater being created the world and universe and all that other stuff, and I answered that I believed in mathematics, numbers, figures and hypotheses, and all of a sudden I had a magazine dealing with the “weird math” in nature, fibonacci sequences

And the magazine even had two or three articles written by hardcore scientists (a theoretical physicist and a biochemist) who in addition to being professors at universities where in fact Jehovas.

I think I’ll read the magazine. It’ll be good for a few laughs and then I could torch it.

I do not believe in God, Allah, Jehova, Shiva or Buddha. I do not believe in faith or destiny or that “things happen for a reason”. I believe in freedom. The opportunity to do whatever I want, whenever I want. That I can board a plane to Los Angeles this afternoon and spend the rest of my days as a rich, classy guy-hooker for all the rich ladies, or that I can punch the pregnant lady in the seat right next to me in the stomach and cause an instant abortion (love the song, actually), and no one can do anything about it – I hold all of these life-changing decisions in my hand, and I can make them whenever I like. My only regret would be, if I didn’t take advantage of it at some point.

So all you sad, sobbing determinst idiots out there: stop whining, take some responsibility for your life and live a little. You can always regret on your death bed.

PS.: for the record: I didn’t punch the pregnant lady in the stomach.

PPS.: actually I didn’t punch anyone at all…

Jesus säger: inte en kuk.