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I’m just about broke. The financial crisis didn’t exactly make it easier to find jobs and I need money. So, what do you do? Where do you turn, when you are two and a half step from male prostitution? Oh, that’s right: MEDICAL RESEARCH! Signing up as a guinea pig for a shitload of doctors is probably the only place one can get a job for sure, and if you choose the right experiments and projects there’s a lot of money to collect, so I’ve signed up for a lumbar puncture (basically, they stick a needle into my spine and drain some spinal fluids – it was formerly known as a Spinal Tap \m/) and a few bloodtests – everything will be done in just about 2 hours, and the pay is good

That’s my advice for all of you broke sons of bitches out there who don’t know what to do. Sign up for a few experiments, if you’re lucky they’ll inject you with some really cool stuff, LSD if you’re really, lucky? Government funded acid trips… Sounds good.