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Like a sir!

Darth Vader/iPhone 4… Do you spot the difference? Well, for a long time, I couldn’t. Both were the shiny incarnations of pure evil.

But I must admit it. I just might have turned to the Dark Side because I really, really need to get an iPhone 4.

I mean, it’s beautiful, flashy and most of all, it’s a swiss army knife in a phone! I mean, look at all those awesome apps!

I don’t care about fun games or silly sound and/or light-effects but I just feel that owning an iPhone just might help make my day easier and more enjoyable… If you don’t know what I mean or just think that I’m a silly retard, take a look at the app store and see for your self!

I’d bet my ass that you can find at least a dusin apps you’d want!

Okay, people buy stupid shit these days. But this

Is probably the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. Allow me to introduce… Phoneballs!

Now you can protect your precious iPhone with nothing less than the awesome power of coloured, rubber testicles!

Need to protect your iPhone from everyday cuts and scrapes? Have a soft spot in your heart for testicles? Just feel like your iPhone needs some balls?

Oh yes. They are dead serious. And you know what else is dead serious? The price of the Phoneballs.

The iPhone-testies can be yours for just…

$ 15*

Holy shit. 15 bucks for a silicone casing with a pair of  shaved testicles? They gotta be fucking kidding! The only possible upside is the fact that 10% (yeah, just $ 1,5) of the proceeds goes to testicular cancer research. Yeah.

*This includes free shipping of cause.

So, there’s a new iPhone coming out.

I followed Steve Job’s speech last night when he revealed the thing, and I must admit, that’s one tasty son of a bitch, if you like stainless steel and glass. But that’s about it. Yeah, that retina display-thingy is awesome, but what the hell? You basically get the same stuff as the previous iPhone but with a new design and a nice display?

Is that really it? Sure you are able to make videocalls, and damn, like that’s something new? When can I ask my iPhone to make me a cop of coffee?

or a goddamned sandwich?

Yeah I thought that new thing was gonna revolutionize something, not just be a designer version of the previous one?

… Disappointing