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I was asked what the term “generation gap” means.

A generation gap is when your 5-year old niece takes a look at this picture:

And says: “Aaaaaw, why couldn’t I have those clowns at my birthday party??”

Du visar oss allt du har
Du håller på Dancin ‘och rummet blir varm
Du kör oss vilda kommer vi göra dig galen
Du säger att du vill gå till en spin
Partiets bara börjat, vi dig i
Du kör oss vilda kommer vi göra dig galen
Du håller på ropa, du håller på skrika

Jag vill rock’n’roll hela natten och festar varje dag

Back in high school (or gymnasium as they are called in Denmark) I noticed, that whenever one of the… Let’s call them intellectuals/future academics (I find myself in this particular group, actually) discuss anything (litteraly anything), it became extremely popular to throw around with these tacky, homemade words or neologisms, just to sound even smarter (actually in my previous post, I used the word ‘burtonian’ about the works of director Tim Burton). And I’m really having a hard time explaining how much I hate neologisms.

Neologisms are non-intelligent people’s ultimate defense (if played right of course), because everybody can make up new words, all you have to do is end one word with ‘ism’ and all of a sudden it sounds clever, and if the words you say sounds clever, chances are that the person listening to you will think that you are clever – when you, in reality, are not.

Then there’s the case of the clever person who makes up new, intelligent words just to sound even more clever and really, really but an extra 10 ft. on top of the already enormous statue they’ve built, and recently I’ve realised that I do it myself.

Neologisms suck.

Och den gamla nunnan tror sjuka nunnan är en stor fet nunna lögnare.