iPhone 4 – or how I stopped worring and love the dark wonder

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Awesomeness, Everyday life, Gadgets, Misc.
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Darth Vader/iPhone 4… Do you spot the difference? Well, for a long time, I couldn’t. Both were the shiny incarnations of pure evil.

But I must admit it. I just might have turned to the Dark Side because I really, really need to get an iPhone 4.

I mean, it’s beautiful, flashy and most of all, it’s a swiss army knife in a phone! I mean, look at all those awesome apps!

I don’t care about fun games or silly sound and/or light-effects but I just feel that owning an iPhone just might help make my day easier and more enjoyable… If you don’t know what I mean or just think that I’m a silly retard, take a look at the app store and see for your self!

I’d bet my ass that you can find at least a dusin apps you’d want!

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