“Dude. You need to get a life…!” he said. “Fuck you” I said.

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Education, Everyday life, Misc.
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So, it’s been a while since I wrote anything useful. I’ve had just about 500 years of history up my skinny white a$$, so excuse me for minding my books and not my blog.

If you don’t already know what a book is, then these (above) are books. They are like the internet, just made out of paper. Try and read one once in a while. Retard.

Medieval burial customs and younger germanic iron age in Denmark. Yeah, that’s juicy stuff, I tell ya!

Anywho, I met this guy in the train the other day, and he was clearly a geniune fucktard.

And how do I know that he really was a fucktard? Well, first of all, fucktards all have one thing in common.

They are sorry ass nazis who think that the best thing in the world is not having a job and/or an education, because then they can spend all their sorry ass sparetime chillin’ on their white trash couches in their dirty wifebeaters drinkin’ canned beer in their trailers.

Kinda what this dude:

… Probably does right now

Anyway, this sucker asked me why I was reading the book (that I was currently reading at that time) – if you sir indeed are a sorry ass fucktard then this:

Is a fine example of one.

So I told him, that I was reading this book because I am currenly studying archaeology – to which he replied something in the lines of “Duuuuuude… What the fuck? Why do you waste your time with boring books and shit??”

to which I replied: “Because I can see the clear benefit of actually having an education, with which I can get a decent job and thus earn an honest salary, with which I can feed my family and buy a car and other nice shit, and I’m sad to see that you don’t want to follow my example and be of use to the society of which you and I are part”

Then he dropped the

With his reply: “I don’t care. It is stupid”

My mind’s reply to that unbelieeably stupid comment was something in the lines of

So I got up from my seat, said thanks for the conversation and got off my train two stations early.


So, kids. My advise for you is this:

Stay in fucking school. Don’t do drugs. Get a proper education. Get into a good university and make something of yourself, so you and your family have something to be proud of. Contribute to society whether you want to be a teacher or a space astronaut. Make something useful of yourself, and don’t be a fucktard. Remember how a fucktard looks like?

Like this

Or this

Or these duds.

And if you don’t? Well, then you’ll got to fucking Hell:

If you don’t believe in stuff like that, I’ll just bring my big ass brass knuckles and beat you up a little

Till you look like this:

And I’ll be back once a month.


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