Why the toilet seat SHOULD stay up

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Everyday life, Misc., Philosophy
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The bathroom.

The last place where a man can be a man without a woman constantly interrupting with all the girly stuff she can interrup a guy with. A place where a man can be a man.

The toilet.

A place where a dude can take a leak – or a dump if he wants to. Or just read the newspaper or a good book

A good book

… All by himself. A place of solace and serenity. Of chosen loneliness and concentration. Where one can find peace and relaxation amongst the fumes and odours that makes a man a man.

A sacred place. For man and woman actually.

But it is also a controversial place.

Every single man who shares, not only his life, but his home, house or appartment, knows the problem.

A man can stare for hours at this picture without realizing what's wrong. A woman only needs about 2½ seconds.

One of the most discussed situations in every relationship:

The toilet seat.

Over the years, many solutions has been proposed, this is just one of them:

And this is another:

But I see myself as a rational human being. A man of reason and intelligence. But yet, I still don’t see what it is that woman find so damn inconsiderate about the whole toilet seat-dispute.

Seen from a rational point of view, not putting the seat down is in fact a considerate thing to do.

What does the upward seat mean?

1) The toilet has been used. Alright, what a surprise.

2) The toilet has been used by a guy. Or a lesbian.

3) The guy urinated in the toilet.

For me to see, I’d rather go take a dump (or if I’m a woman take a leak) on a toilet on which the seat has not yet been put down. The reason? Okay, lets go through this:

1) Women often accuse men for not hitting the toilet when they stand up.

2) When guys stand up without the seat up, there’s a huge risk of pissing on the seat.

3) Women do not, I repeat, not like to use a toilet on which a guy has been pissing on the seat.

4) When the seat is up, it is very difficult to piss on the seat.

Ergo, when a woman finds a toilet where the seat is up, she can be somewhat sure that the seat has not been pissed on, and therefore whe can be sure that the seat is fairly clean and thenshe can use the toilet without being afraid that there’s urine on the seat.

Plus, it only takes 0.67 seconds to put the seat down (with a little help of Mr. Gravity).


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