I just made it home from this year’s Roskilde Festival. It was my first year at Roskilde, and I must say, for nine straight days, fucking Roskilde was the happiest place on the planet, and the center of the whole damn Universe!

The fucking CENTER!

It was the most awesome time, just laying in the sun drinking cheap wine


and listening to music. Well, I didn’t attend that many concerts actually, but these guys:

Yeah. Fucking MOTÖRHEAD! Drink up ya bastard!

Up front. Mosh pit. Oh. Yes.

And then, there were the reunited Danish alt-rock/grunge heroes in Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

Did you hear that Dizzy was reunited?

I wish I could say that I saw The Prodigy and Muse too, but unfortunately I was scheduled for work that day, collecting refund cans and bottles for guys like these

Smile, yo! Good, back to work, kiddo!

in some Asian country

Next year, I’m definitely not collecting any fucking cans or bottles. That shit was just too much. Working for 8 hours straight doing something that the gypsies around the camping area already did for my, just don’t work for me, and collecting cans and bottles just ain’t that friggishly arousing. Fuck me. Jesus.

… Oh yeah, because of the heat (it’s been like 30 degrees all the time), people tend to drink a lot.

A fuckload of beer

And what happens when you drink that many fucking beers? Yeah, this happens


So, here’s our equation:

X = (Urine*desert dry sand)+a little wind

X = Urine sand+a littlewind

X = urine dust

I fuck you not. When you didn’t smell all the urine (every vertical object seemed to be a toilet) you could fucking taste that nasty ass urine dust. Motherfucker.

Oh yeah, then I also saw:



Them Crooked Vultures

Is it just me, or is Josh Homme getting fatter and fatter?

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