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… What the fuck?

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I just saw a woman with a floppy disk. Who the hell use a floppy disk these days?

Floppy disk. The steam engine to my combustion motor. The LP to my CD. The VHS to my Blueray.

Obviously the world fucks itself up whenever I’m not around at home. Dio died. Dennis Hopper died. Gary Coleman died. And among all this death I totally forgot this son of a bitch:

People in Guatemala really should stop trying to divide by zero. That shit ain't right.

Yes. That is a huge ass fucking hole in the ground. And no, it is not some photoshopped crap

Photoshopped crap

… It really, really is a huge fucking hole in the middle of an intersection in Guatemala City

Yes. Right there.

… Where three houses used to be. The freaky thing though, is that a similar thing occured in Guatemala City just three years ago, killing three people.

Damn nature, you scary!
So what kind of freak of nature is this motherfucker?  Well, a mother fucking sinkhole like this bitch

This bitch.

is formed by the gradual dissolution of fucking subsurface rock (usually rock such as limestone or motherfucking carbonate rock) by circulating ground water. As the rock dissolves, big ass spaces and caverns develop underground until only a bitch thin layer of support remains on top. At one point that fucking layer also collapses revealing the years of fucking erosion beneath, and often an underground fucking river far below.