I consider myself a rational and intelligent person. I do stupid stuff, I’m 19 for God’s sake, but there must be limits for just how stupid it is possible to be. Right now, I’m sitting in a train, heading home from Copenhagen and suddenly this urge comes over me. I have to use the lavatory! yeah I admit it, sometimes I need to take a leak somewhere public, which is cool and a totally natural thing to do (screw you haters). What’s not cool, natural or even intelligent is the person who obviously took a leak before me and chose to ignore all the pretty signs in the relatively room saying stuff like: “please sir, do not stand up while you’re pissing – thanks” because basically it’s dangerous, not to say just plain retarded. One could trip when the train hits a bump, or even worse: 87 % (lawyered!) of all men do not possess the appropriate aim in order to stand up, inside a moving vehicle, and hit the toilet – 100 % of these hit everything else: walls, floor, seat, hell even the window.

Just who can manage to be this unbelievably stupid and ignore, not only the pretty little signs but common sense? What are they thinking? Something in the lines of “Oh hell no, I ain’t gonna sit down like sum’ dumb woman-bitch! Imma stand up like the man I am! Screw the next person who has to take a goddamn shit after me, imma piss all over this son’ bitch!”

Was that close?

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