So, this morning I found this video on youtube of Christiane ‘Cyborg’ Santos putting a reporter from to sleep:

And after I finished lol’ing (honestly, the guy’s reaction when he woke up was hilarious) a thought came to mind: this is the kind of stuff that makes the unilluminated individuals out there flame the sport. “Yeah, that Ultimate Fighting stuff is barbaric and everyone who, voluntarily, steps inside a cage to fight, without rules, must either be a complete retard or a bloodthirsty psychopath” – in my book, that summes up the general feeling toward mixed martial arts – people think that MMA is two people fighting to the death with no rules what so ever, and that is as far from the truth as anything can be.

But it is people like Christiane Santos who, during an interview grabs an unknowing reporter in a rear naked choke and puts him to sleep (okay, she was trying to prove a point, fair enough), that makes people think that these people are psychos with only one thing in their heads: blood. And that’s fucked up. What they should’ve done, was telling the audience or the viewers that Cyborg was going to demonstrate just how fast she can choke a guy out – that would’ve been acceptable, but it does not seem that the choke was planned at all – if it was I don’t abide with that either, it just puts the athletes in a bad light (and the sport aswell, d’uh).

So my plead to you, Christiane would be, that keep all your non-scheduled RNC’s in the ring, ‘kay?

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